Best movies of the year?

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So is having a competition, where you list your favourites films of the year.

I had to think about some of the answers.

Here’s what I put.

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a few posts I have enjoyed…

NyMag’s 25 best performances of 2010 – and a list of films I have to see. Which reminds me: go see Mother. It’s beautiful, and I may or may not have cried. *cough*

NyMag’s history of the royal family as told through movies.

2010 Movies. YUSS! Please tell me this person does one of these every year…

Which reminds me: I know most people may say that Inception was their favourite film of 2010. Or Let Me In (see the original, people!). Or Kick-Ass or Scott Pilgrim. What was I saying? Oh yeah… For me, it was How To Train Your Dragon. Don’t judge me if you haven’t seen it.

Nymag (yes I looked at Vulture, hence all these posts) on how to make a pre-spoilt movie.


Xmas charts are decided THIS WEEK! Now is the time to buy JOHN CAGE’S 4’33” FOR CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE 2010 – for a silent night on December 25th, and for five worthy charities!

I just found out I can’t buy it on iTunes. Seeing as I’m not in the UK. Poos. So other people in the webiverse, please buy 4’33”. Ta.

Help wanted – send stuff for me?

So, I’m flat out with work, sound for [SIC], and a few other things (damn Christmas). I’m struggling to get DVDs of Harmless sorted and to the post shop to send off for the film festivals I’m entering. I’m probably missing deadlines as I type this. Gah!

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Fundraiser: tonight

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we’ve got a short film screening tonight at Happy (118 Tory Street), fundraising for The Lake.

Doors at 8pm; screening starts at 8.30pm. A fine selection of short films (and one music video).

All we ask is a $5 contribution towards The Lake.

Fundraising short screening
The Lake Fundraiser

For sale on the night – Trade Aid Chocolate – Fundraising for The Lake.

  • 50g block of dark chocolate – $5 ea.
  • 25g bar of dark or milk chocolate – $2.50 ea.

Walking the Walk

So, I jumped on the bandwagon to change my Facebook profile pic to a cartoon character from my childhood.

FB Profile Pic

Usually I don’t jump on the bandwagons. I definitely didn’t with the purse/bra things. I’m not sure why I decided this would be good. I suppose I enjoyed seeing everyone’s childhood cartoons as their profile pics, and I thought ‘I’m not going to be violent against children anytime soon, so, yep, I can do that’.

However, questions have been raised on how changing ones profile pic will do anything to combat violence against children (two examples below).

For the record, I’m against violence against anyone, not just children. Let’s leave violence in movies, where it belongs. (Hmmm, violence in movies… brilliant).

So, to show that I walk the walk, I’ve donated money to the NZ Green Party, in support of their work for Children’s Welfare. For more on what they do, please see their website.

If you want to show that you walk the walk, I suggest action against child abuse – support of people working in the field is one way of doing it. Find an organisation that you support who are doing things in that field, and send them some cash. Every organisation needs fiscal support.

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