Welcome 2020

2019 was a crazy year, where I was overworked. I am now working at Uxbridge College in the Creative Studies department, teaching media to 16-20-year-old students. Goals for 2020 include exploring more of the UK and expanding Action On The Side outside London. I’m also going to improve this website and the AOTS website. I’ve […]


I was given flowers and wine at work recently for finishing a huge project. I scheduled the Undergraduate Course Offerings and created the London Undergraduate Course Catalogue for the full 2014-15 Academic Year. That worked out to be about 80 courses in Fall 2014, 80 courses in Winter 2015, 45 courses in Spring 2015, and […]


I am ill. I’ve had most of the week off work, and have spent this entire weekend in bed. It’s a virus. Usually when I’m ill, it’s psychosomatic. It’s my body saying, “you haven’t had a break in weeks; things have slowed down a bit, so now I’m going to make you ill so you […]