A summer (what?)

An update on what I’m doing this summer

This is the first summer I have had holidays for a long while.

Last year (2017) I was finishing off my Master’s, all the way until I started teaching. The year before that (2016) I was working on my Master’s and preparing to start teaching at Uxbridge College. The year before that (2015) I had left a job that was killing me and was freelance for the first time, seeing first-hand the stress of applying for work as a full-time job. I also started my Master’s then. The years before that (2014, 2013, 2012) I was a workaholic, working as a Registrar and making movies.

So, here’s what I’m doing this summer.

  • Preparing for the next academic year: writing assignments, schemes of work and lesson plans;
  • Promoting our Raindance HND programme and our two new programmes;
  • Promoting and preparing for the October Action On The Side project;
  • Getting some paid film work: I’ve been applying for sound recording, AD, and writing roles.
    • I’m 1st AD’ing a short film called Lycanthropy. Looking forward to shooting that on September 1st, 28th, 29th, 30th
    • I’m editing a short film called Bitches
  • Developing a few film ideas;

and, of course, doing some relaxing.

I hear that’s nice.


I was given flowers and wine at work recently for finishing a huge project.

I scheduled the Undergraduate Course Offerings and created the London Undergraduate Course Catalogue for the full 2014-15 Academic Year.

That worked out to be about 80 courses in Fall 2014, 80 courses in Winter 2015, 45 courses in Spring 2015, and course options for Summers one and two 2015.

The Course Catalogue was released to all students. Then we opened Online Registration. This was the first time our students registered for the full academic year. And it went well. I think about 90% of the students have registered for next year.

I also trained the new San Francisco Undergraduate Registrar, who came over to join us for two weeks.

CAMS Connect

I recently returned from a work conference in St. Louis.

I have just returned from the CAMS Connect Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. CAMS is the records management system that we use at my work.

St Louis, Missouri

This is the post that explains all of the #CAMSConnect tweets you may have seen coming up.

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