DateRoleTitleProducerProduction CompanyLink
03/2015- 09/2015DirectorJaks and StephenPatricia HetheringtonIndependent
11/2015Co-DirectorTimingPatricia HetheringtonAction On The Side
06/2013- 01/2015DirectorDead LetterAshley Belgrave, Colm FordeShiftwork ProductionsIMDb
03/2014DirectorSkip SchoolPatricia HetheringtonIndependent
03/2014DirectorBeautiful ServitudeZsolti SzaboIndependent
11/2011- 12/2011DirectorTragediaPatricia HetheringtonIndependentIMDb
06/2010- 11/2010DirectorHarmlessPatricia HetheringtonIndependentIMDb
06/2010- 07/2010DirectorCinema SoundEx:
The Russians; Lauren King
Patricia HetheringtonIndependent

As part of my work with the Music & Artists’ Social Club (2004-2011), I filmed music performances at the gigs I organised. These can be viewed on the MASC YouTube channel. I also created short films for Cinema SoundEx, an experimental experience for filmmakers and composers.

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