About Patricia


Sound Recordist.

Thank you for visiting this website.

I am one of those busy people, who always has something on the go, and does a lot. I would like this website to serve as a record of my work, and the work of my friends, collaborators, and people that I admire. It may be an online CV that also serves as a blog. It may just be a slice of life of a busy person based in London.

If it doesn’t get updated enough, it’s because I’m busy doing things.
If I update it regularly, it’s not because I’m not doing things. Rather that I’m efficiently promoting.

I hope that you find this page interesting; I hope that you find something of use. If I know you personally, thank you for visiting, and let’s catch up soon. If we have not met yet, thank you for visiting, and maybe one day we will.


Patricia Hetherington.



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