I ran the Music & Artists’ Social Club (MASC) from 2005 to 2010. I helped in an advisory capacity in 2011.

The Music & Artists’ Social Club is a group for artists of all genres. We provided networking and advertising opportunities. My role with the group includes maintaining the online web presence; writing the email newsletters; maintaining membership information; organising the Filmmakers Collective; and organising gigs.

Through MASC, I have met many amazing and talented people. I have gained skills and experience in

  • events management;
  • marketing and promotion;
  • networking;
  • arts administration

I have been running gigs in Wellington since 2006. You can see posters and photos of the gigs that I have run on the MASC flickr page or MASC MySpace; you can see information on past MASC gigs on the MASC website.

At the MASC gigs, I aimed to film one song per act, which was evenutally uploaded onto YouTube. These are available to view at the MASC YouTube page.

Excerpts from some of the gigs

As part of MASC, I created a Filmmakers Collective. This was an opportunity for filmmakers and film lovers to get together regularly, to discuss films, their current projects, and to start projects. Through MASC, I produced two teams for the 48 Hour Film Competition.

In 2009, I initiated an event called Cinema SoundEX. Please see the relevant page for more info on the event, and to view my entries.

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