Day One of Cannes

Amazing first day at Festival de Cannes – Page Officielle . Made it to Nice, then got to Cannes to collect accreditation about 5pm. Phone died many times during the day so very few photos. Found the UK Film Pavilion to volunteer at the WFTV Reception (masses of awesome networking). Then headed out to dinner, […]


I am ill. I’ve had most of the week off work, and have spent this entire weekend in bed. It’s a virus. Usually when I’m ill, it’s psychosomatic. It’s my body saying, “you haven’t had a break in weeks; things have slowed down a bit, so now I’m going to make you ill so you […]

Filmmaking opps

I attended the Guerilla Filmmakers Producers Masterclass about a month ago (the blog post about it is still in my drafts section). There, I met some wonderful filmmakers. One of whom I got on so well with, we decided to collaborate in future. That filmmaker, Kira, asked me to be third camera for filming a […]