Hiding A short thriller Directed by Nirusha Wijayamohan. Written by Andrew Pennington, based on a story by Randa Elobeid & Nirusha Wijayamohan. Starring Jey Jey I was the First AD and Co-Producer for this short film. The film has nearly finished postproduction. We are now looking for someone to design a poster for the film. […]

Tips for Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival and Market started yesterday. The Marché du Film is the largest film market in the world, and a must-attend for many in the film industry. I, unfortunately, cannot attend this year (teaching, y’know). Next year we should be able to attend and promote the feature we’re making with Raindance. I attended two […]

Raindance HND Feature Film

The inaugural Raindance HND £5k Student Feature Film is being announced today The Raindance Higher National Diploma (HND) on which I teach has created a competition for our students: across the two years of the diploma, we will find the best writer, best director, best producer, best DP, best editor, etc., and those students will […]

Scheduling your short film shoot: set-ups

A set-up is a shot. The set-up changes every time the camera changes position. The rule of thumb for every set-up is: 30 minutes for an average shot 45 minutes for complicated shots (e.g. dolly, steadicam) If there are added complications, such as traffic, lots of extras, or weather, I would allow 60 minutes 20 […]