The Arab Quarter

I took part in two Bellydance workshops today, and have been invited to perform at the Arab Quarterly at Hoxton Hall in February.

I went to two Bellydance workshops in Shoreditch today. The first was a Hat and Cane choreography; the second, a choreography for veil. The classes were from The Arab Quarter: Bellydancer Melanie Norman taught the classes, with support from live musicians: Hassan on tableh, Georgie on synth, and Emile on violin.

The workshops were great. I can highly recommend them. Melanie is a wonderful teacher. It was really great having live music there; not only for the experience of dancing with musicians (which every dancer should experience), but because one can avoid the issue of having to go from the start of the CD track every time you want to go over a part of the dance. But, I digress.

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Script Development Workshop

I attended a Script Development workshop today, run by the NZ Film Commission and the NZ Writer’s Guild

Today I went to a Script Development Workshop run by the NZ Film Commission and the NZ Writer’s Guild at the NZ Film Archive.

Steve Barr talked about Assessment and taking notes, and later went into Loglines. Kathryn Burnett spoke about Rewriting, giving exercises for responding to assessment in rewriting, and later went into Synopses.  Kath Athukata-Brown, a Script Executive at the NZFC spoke about changes in funding at the NZFC (in the Writer Development Loan, the Early Development Fund, and the Advanced Development Loan), and later went into Treatments.

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A theatrical project – an opportunity for theatrical/creative peoples in Wellington.

My friend, Gregor, is doing a performance thing for his Masters, and is looking for participants.

He’s looking for theatrical collaborators to take part in workshops. The first workshop is next weekend.


Beginning of Saint Punch, a summer project which is associated with my Master of Arts research.
A callout to interested performers who are willing to participate bringing this written text into its performed existence- through Camera, Puppetry and Grand Guignol.

So anyone who is interested, please join the FatCircus group on FB, and ‘like’. You can contact Gregor if you’re available for the workshop tomorrow, or future workshops.

Film study, screenings, watchings

Scriptwriting, Film Production, Film Festivals … just film in general.

Big. news.

I’ve been accepted into the Honours scriptwriting course at Victoria in 2011.


Fortunately, I had an idea for a feature length Western just the other day, which I’m going to start jotting down. I also have a few shorts and a biopic that I want to work on. That’ll keep me good and busy for the next year.

More news below…

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Development Tools

I just saw this. I’m thinking that it might be something worthwhile once I’m working on feature films. For those wondering, I’ve applied for a scriptwriting course in 2011, which will lead to writing a feature script. As a producer, getting into feature film script development interests me. But I think having written a feature myself would be extremely beneficial before looking into feature script development in a producing role.