Script Breakdowns

I am supervising an independent study. Here are a few links to help with research into Script Breakdowns. A How-To, if you will.

I am currently supervising an Independent Study on being a Short Film Production Assistant. This is all in preparation for a course that I am teaching in Winter

In reference to the topic of Script Breakdowns, here are a few relevant links for research.

And then the following videos.

Film study, screenings, watchings

Scriptwriting, Film Production, Film Festivals … just film in general.

Big. news.

I’ve been accepted into the Honours scriptwriting course at Victoria in 2011.


Fortunately, I had an idea for a feature length Western just the other day, which I’m going to start jotting down. I also have a few shorts and a biopic that I want to work on. That’ll keep me good and busy for the next year.

More news below…

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