Melbourne Bells

The next in my soundscape location videos: Melbourne’s Federation Square, the church bells, February 2012

In a strange twist, I have a day free, and am using it to sit in the sun and do some editing. Here is the next in my series of location image and soundscapes.

Melbourne Bells

Saint Punch is over

I’ve just finished Saint Punch, and I was an extra in a short film.

This has been one of those periods where I’m too busy to keep the blog up-to-date.

I’ve just finished ‘Saint Punch‘, my friend Gregor’s Masters project. It is an intertextual play with puppetry, Comedia Dell’Arte Carnivale stage work, and live mixed green screen. The story has 3 vignettes: Gilles de Rey and Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc); Bluebeard and Judith; Punch and Judy. The 4 performances were from Wednesday 08 to Saturday 11 June at Old Drama House, 93 KP.

I was doing the Sound Design for the play. It was my first experience doing tech for theatre. I’m sure most sound designers for plays don’t get into it as organically as I did, as I was involved from Gregor’s first workshop. For that I am extremely thankful.

It was lovely working with the cast and crew. I’ll see if I can pilfer some photos to put up here.

On another note, I was an extra in a short film this weekend: ‘Lovebloom’, directed by Daniel Gonzalez. I got to be a party-goer. I must admit I’ve only read the first 10 pages of the script, so I’m really looking forward to the final product.

Right, enough of that. I’ve got to get to the Victoria 300-level FILM Production screening this evening, where my friend Amy’s film is being screened.

MadBadBobby: Or How I Learned To Stop Trolling And Love Jesus

My 6th year of the V 48 hour Film Competition.

The V 48 hour Film Competition is over for another year. I was in The Jump Cuts, a team who have been running for a few years now. I’d worked with a few of the team on other projects, but none of them for the 48.  

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Film, study, and assorted things

Lots on at the moment. A breakdown (of what’s on. Not in me. Not just yet. I don’t have time to breakdown).

There aren’t enough hours in the day. I suppose to make my blog more interesting, I should have done more regular posts on each of the things below. I simply don’t have time. So this is what I’m working on now…

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Downloading sound effects

Downloading sound files from the internet for film sound design. A few things to consider.

You know when you’re doing sound design really quickly, and you just need a quick .wav of a sound (rather than recording it yourself, which you would do if you had the time)? That’s when websites with free downloads are useful. Usually the website creators and/or uploaders are happy for you to download, sometimes requesting that you credit them for it (especially if their sound file is used in a film). Yay for Creative Commons.

The danger of downloading free samples is that you could waste time trying to find the perfect sound. Browsing takes time, and can suck it up far too much.

Ideally, one should record the sound on-set – mainly so you can get the ambience of the room/location, and also so that you own the rights to the sound recording. Second most ideal is recording it yourself in foley – again so you own the rights to the sound recording. One also has to replicate or fake the same location ambience that was on set. Third most ideal is downloading a file.

So far, I’ve quickly grabbed a chain saw and a light switch, and may grab a cupboard door sound (time dependent) for [SIC]. Unfortunately I’ve only found chainsaw sounds of a chainsaw revving, not of it cutting through something. I’m wondering whether I have the time to buy a pumpkin or watermelon, rev up the chainsaw, and cut through it.

But, where to download from? Which pages are best?

I usually do a google search, (i.e. light switch sound effect free), and open the first few pages on different tabs. Then you can preview the sounds available, and pick which to download and from where. But maybe it would be best to make a few notes on some of the pages available, so I can just go there later…

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Film study, screenings, watchings

Scriptwriting, Film Production, Film Festivals … just film in general.

Big. news.

I’ve been accepted into the Honours scriptwriting course at Victoria in 2011.


Fortunately, I had an idea for a feature length Western just the other day, which I’m going to start jotting down. I also have a few shorts and a biopic that I want to work on. That’ll keep me good and busy for the next year.

More news below…

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Dear Cubase

Dear Cubase. You’re easy to use in some ways, but not in others. You’re annoying me. Stop it. Thank you. From Patricia.

Cubase V4.1 - Mac
Image via Wikipedia

Dear Cubase,

I’ve just started using you. You’re annoying me. I’m used to ProTools, and there are a few differences that are getting on my wick. Please see what you can do about the following.

1. When you don’t playback where I’ve just made a change. I want you to start playing where my change just occurred, so I can check that I’ve made the right change. Such as if I cut a bit out, start playing from the end of my deleted section, so I can check whether I need to cut out more. Not where the play line is currently sitting. If I process a sound file, I want to hear the processing – so start playing at the start of the amended sound file, not where the play line was left. Hell, if I’ve selected a sound file, that’s because I want to hear it. So start from the start of the sound file, and, again, not where the play line was left.

2. There’s only one place to click to move the play line, and that’s in a space at the top of the window, about 5mm tall. If I misjudge, I don’t move the play line, I create a marker. Uncool.

3. When I make a mistake, and I press Apple-Z, I expect that mistake to be reversed. Multiple times now, I moved or processed a sound file, then accidentally hit .5mm off where I want the play line, creating a marker. I have hit Apple-Z to remove the marker, and you know what it does? It leaves the marker, and changes the move/process I did on the sound file! As though any mistake made with a marker will not be fixed by the magical Apple-Z. UNCOOL!

4. The video window is in the way, and the pool window keeps disappearing. I have to keep typing Apple-P to get the pool window back. Every. Time. I. Insert. A. File. Granted dual screens would work best, but I don’t have dual screens.

5. The online help thing won’t connect to the internets. So I can’t read your help guide. My computer obviously isn’t having issues connecting to the internet (as evidenced by the fact I am typing this right now), so why are you having issues? Also, and this is directed only at you, but must you be one of those programmes that annoyingly, when I select the help menu and start typing in my question, decides it has no information, and I have to open the help manual. Why have the option to type in my question in the first place? If you’re going to force me to open the manual, then just cut to the chase.

I am sure that there are other things that will annoy me as I get to know you better.

I will let you know that I appreciate your short keys to change the selector tool; your colour palette; and the easy way to change various other settings. But, seriously, if you want me to not miss ProTools, you need to work the way I want you to.

Yours Sincerely,

Patricia Hetherington

Hooray for Cubase

Cubase is working for sound design.

Cubase appears to be working for me. This is good. It’s not ProTools, but it’s Cubase working on my home computer. ProTools was on my PC which died recently.

I’m currently doing sound design for a short film – [SIC], directed by Jared Flitcroft. (I’m typing this on a 5 minute break from working on it). The 7 minute version of [SIC] is going to be entered into the Aotearoa Deaf Film Festival.

Aotearoa Deaf Film Festival 2011

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