Saint Punch is over

I’ve just finished Saint Punch, and I was an extra in a short film.

This has been one of those periods where I’m too busy to keep the blog up-to-date.

I’ve just finished ‘Saint Punch‘, my friend Gregor’s Masters project. It is an intertextual play with puppetry, Comedia Dell’Arte Carnivale stage work, and live mixed green screen. The story has 3 vignettes: Gilles de Rey and Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc); Bluebeard and Judith; Punch and Judy. The 4 performances were from Wednesday 08 to Saturday 11 June at Old Drama House, 93 KP.

I was doing the Sound Design for the play. It was my first experience doing tech for theatre. I’m sure most sound designers for plays don’t get into it as organically as I did, as I was involved from Gregor’s first workshop. For that I am extremely thankful.

It was lovely working with the cast and crew. I’ll see if I can pilfer some photos to put up here.

On another note, I was an extra in a short film this weekend: ‘Lovebloom’, directed by Daniel Gonzalez. I got to be a party-goer. I must admit I’ve only read the first 10 pages of the script, so I’m really looking forward to the final product.

Right, enough of that. I’ve got to get to the Victoria 300-level FILM Production screening this evening, where my friend Amy’s film is being screened.

Choose Your Own Fringe

I’m very excited to be filming the opening night of ‘Choose Your Own Fringe’ tonight.

I’m very excited to be filming the opening night of ‘Choose Your Own Fringe’ tonight. I’m about to rush off and set up.

I saw some of the rehearsals in the weekend, and really enjoyed what I saw. I’m looking forward to tonight’s performance.

The show is like those ‘Pick A Path’ books from the 80s. Each audience member has a button, so they can select Option A or Option B. They then pick how the story is going to progress.

I’m also looking forward to filming ‘The Seductobot’ next week. I’m going to their dress rehearsal on Monday, then am filming on the Friday night.

My thoughts are with those who are in Christchurch, and who are dealing with another massive earthquake. The relatives and friends that I’ve heard from are all okay. Looking forward to hearing from the others.

I’m also looking forward to seeing this year’s Summer Shakespeare, ‘The Winter’s Tale’, at the Soundshell. And I hope to find time to get along to all the other Fringe shows I’d like to. On Friday I got to see the final night of ‘The Most Fun Funeral’ by Anne Brashier. It was awesome!

And the service centre looked at my Mac and it decided to work again. So it should be back home soon, so I can get back to my film projects.

Got to rush. See ya!


A theatrical project – an opportunity for theatrical/creative peoples in Wellington.

My friend, Gregor, is doing a performance thing for his Masters, and is looking for participants.

He’s looking for theatrical collaborators to take part in workshops. The first workshop is next weekend.


Beginning of Saint Punch, a summer project which is associated with my Master of Arts research.
A callout to interested performers who are willing to participate bringing this written text into its performed existence- through Camera, Puppetry and Grand Guignol.

So anyone who is interested, please join the FatCircus group on FB, and ‘like’. You can contact Gregor if you’re available for the workshop tomorrow, or future workshops.