The Shed

Volunteering at the NZOnScreen Shed on the Wellington Waterfront means I’ve been watching lots of clips. I’ve linked to some of my favourite short films (which you can see).

I’ve handed in a 10,000 word essay and have nearly finished my Honours degree. Yay! That’s why I haven’t updated this blog in a while.

I’ve been volunteering at the NZOnScreen shed on the Wellington Waterfront. It’s been awesome. The shed is there until the end of the Rugby World Cup, so only one more week. There’s a shed in Auckland, and a caravan travelling around the South Island. There’s an interactive wall with clips from the website, and short films playing. I’ve been able to watch some of the short films. So I’m going to share with you some of my favourites. (You can see all of these and more at

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HARMLESS is now online

The short that I made for Film Production last year, ‘Harmless’, is now online.

I’ve heard back from the last Film Festival that I entered. And I am proud to announce that Harmless is now online and is able to be viewed.


I made a film.

On Saturday, I shot a one-minute short film that I wrote, about a Sad Clown (played by Floyd Norman). You can see photos and details on the piece on my Film page.

Once the film has been screened in competition, I’ll upload it to vimeo and will embed it for all to see.

New Business of Content Panel Discussion

A panel discussion run by Film Wellington for movers and shakers in the Screen Industry.

I went to the New Business of Content Panel Discussion that Film Wellington organised at the Film Archive last week. It was for movers and shakers in the screen industry to get together and ‘explore the relationship between corporations and local content producers and the potential opportunities of such relationships.’

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NZFF Day 12

A selection of NZ short films: ‘Huhu Attack’, ‘Last Flight’, ‘Junk’, ‘Meniscus’

Tuesday 09 August

Homegrown: Flights of Fantasy

I made notes. I wrote down which films were played and which I enjoyed and other thoughts. But then, I can’t remember where I put that paper, so here’s what I thought on some of the films.

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Films and Study and Hafla

Okay, anyone who doesn’t see me over the next two months, this is why.

As well as writing up my blog posts from the last week of the film festival, here’s what I’m up to.

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New Zealand Documentaries

At one of the LFS events I went to whilst in London, I got to chatting with a woman who lectures in Documentary Film at a University in Wales. She was not familiar with any New Zealand documentaries or documentary filmmakers. So I wrote a list for her to look up:

*(yes, Docudramas, but I’m including them.)

and, for fun, Forgotten Silver, dir. Peter Jackson and Costa Botes; a film I would recommend it to any film buff for a good giggle.




There must have been more great documentaries that I missed. If you were asked to sum up New Zealand Documentary Filmmaking to someone unfamiliar with it, which films would you have listed? Which filmmakers?

I nearly shared my favourite documentary with her. However, knowing that the documentary was only available at the NZ Film Archive, and there was no way for her to see it, I didn’t list it. However, today, NZ On Screen announced that it is available in its entirety on their website. The film is Patu!, directed by Merata Mita. I am so excited that I can now watch the film again, and can share it with others. Please go to nzonscreen to watch it.

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Darling Bullets

I was an extra on another short film today.

This morning I got to be an extra on my friend Phil’s short, Darling Bullets. He’s doing it as part of his Honours Film Production course. Everyone in the world has a gun, which the female protagonist challenges. If you get to see it, I’m in a crane shot before the cafe scene. Pretty cool.

Script Development Workshop

I attended a Script Development workshop today, run by the NZ Film Commission and the NZ Writer’s Guild

Today I went to a Script Development Workshop run by the NZ Film Commission and the NZ Writer’s Guild at the NZ Film Archive.

Steve Barr talked about Assessment and taking notes, and later went into Loglines. Kathryn Burnett spoke about Rewriting, giving exercises for responding to assessment in rewriting, and later went into Synopses.  Kath Athukata-Brown, a Script Executive at the NZFC spoke about changes in funding at the NZFC (in the Writer Development Loan, the Early Development Fund, and the Advanced Development Loan), and later went into Treatments.

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