Films and Study and Hafla

As well as writing up my blog posts from the last week of the film festival, here’s what I’m up to.

Research Project

I’ve gained access to some primary source material, (permission granted to view by Vincent Ward himself) and am going to the Film Archive to view it. Other than that, trying to type, read and reference as much as I can.

1 minute film

The Victoria University Film Department has a 1 minute film¬†competition. I wasn’t going to enter (being too busy), but I decided seeing as it’s my last year of study, I should. I’ve got the actor, the location, most of the crew. The DOP fell through recently, so I’m finding a replacment, and am looking for a hair/make-up artist. Once the film is done and has been screened in competition, I’ll upload it to vimeo and will embed it here.

Darling Bullets

I’m doing some sound editing for my friend Phil’s Honours film.

Winston’s Dream

I was going to compose for my friend Johnny’s Honours film project. But now I’m the primary editor. I’ve arranged for my friend Gemma to compose for the film. Pretty excited.

The Lake

We’re arranging a time later this week to view the edit thusfar. The premiere has been booked for the start of December.


I’m working on my final assignments for my scriptwriting course. Finding time is proving fun.


The Hafla that I’ve been organising is this coming weekend. It’s the first time that my Beginners Bellydance class has performed. I’m excited – the performances are looking amazing. As well as the Beginners, the Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers Advanced Class is performing two sets; Zilzal Bellydance, Oasis Pearls, Yasmin, and Ziva, are performing and I’ve got a solo.

A new costume no longer fits, so¬†I’m sewing a costume bra ready for the performance. It’s my first attempt. Fingers crossed. I’m also pulling out my zills for some much needed practice.

The Hafla is invite only. But if you’re reading this, know me and want an invite, flick me a text or message me, and I’ll forward the details.


Okay, so, long story short, if you don’t see me over the next 2 months, that’s why. It’s heads down, tails up until mid-October when my studies are over.

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