2013 Reflection

I thought, why don’t I make a video with my achievements for 2013. Then I could share it with my friends online. It could be a new tradition.

Then I realised I don’t have enough time!

So, here is the new tradition. The reflection on a year gone by.


  • Co-Produced and 1st ADd two films with Shiftwork Productions which were shot in December but completed in 2013 (‘Now Wash Your Hands’, ‘Don’t Do It’)
  • 1st ADd & Co-Produced ‘The P.A.’ with This Big Productions
  • Started Production Managing/1st ADing/Co-Producing ‘All I Do Is Dream’
  • Had four films entered in the Virgin Media Shorts Competition (‘The P.A.’, ‘Now Wash Your Hands’, ‘Don’t Do It’, ‘Tragedia’)
  • Screened ‘Tragedia’ at Whirlygig Cinema’s Making Tracks (My first Q+A)
  • Screened ‘Tragedia’ at KinoLondon #57
  • Had a second interview with Adelaide Screenwriter published online
  • Co-Produced / 1st ADd ‘The Estate Agent’ with Shiftwork Productions
  • Produced and Directed ‘Dead Letter’ with Shiftwork Productions
  • DPd ‘The Meeting Place’
  • DPd my first feature film. Got fired from the same feature film. Learnt a lot from the experience, including who not to work with, research who you’re working with, and don’t assume that people who are making a feature have gained experience from shorts or other projects.
  • ‘Copper’ completed with an update. ‘A Party For Me’ is very very close to completion. Starting entering these into festivals.
  • Took part in the inaugural Action On The Side in July 2013. Produced ‘Elle Fatale’.
  • Started helping James to run Action On The Side. Helped run Action On The Side in November 2013. Produced and wrote ‘WhosApp’; 1st AD’d & Co-Produced ‘Facetracker’.
  • Production Managed and 1st AD’d (pick-ups) of ‘NightStrike’ with This Big Pictures
  • Worked on the London Film London Calling application for ‘
  • Attended the BAFTA New Filmmakers Market and the Screen Film Summit.
  • Attended networking events and met loads of filmmakers.
  • Started teaching (see Career below)


  • Performed with the Arab Quarterly at the Hoxton Hall (London Belly Dance Debut)
  • Took Teachers Training Workshops and Dance Performance workshops with Elis Pinheiro
  • Took weekly classes with Farah Nasri
  • Performed with Farah’s class at the Bellydance Trophies
  • Joined and performed with the London Algerian Ballet
  • Completed a Performance Development Course with Ozgen
  • Took numerous workshops and attended numerous performances


  • Went to the Global Powwow in Dubai
  • Attended the CAMS Conference in St Louis
  • Filmed a friend’s wedding in Bristol
  • Returned to New Zealand for a week. Sorted things out at the house and with films; caught up with friends and family.
  • Spent Christmas with friends in Inverness


  • Attended the Global Powwow in Dubai and the CAMS Conference in St Louis
  • Scheduled the entire 2013-14 Academic Calendar before registration for FA2013
  • Promoted to Registrar of the Undergraduate Program
  • Got a new Assistant Registrar
  • Successfully implemented Online Registration for FA2013 (200+ students in September, 700+ students in November/December). Included running training sessions for students and staff, my team creating statuses and uploading worksheets for all 700+ students.
  • Started teaching: taught one Independent Study on Film Production Assisting and one Independent Study on Scriptwriting.
  • Hired to teach a course on Practical Film Producing in Winter.


So often on social media, we all promote our best times and fail to mention our worst. From the outside, our lives are awesome. But some people had a crappy 2013 and just want it to be over. I think it is important to reflect on the crappy as well. Our lives aren’t all perfect, and it is important to talk about the bad stuff too. So, a few of of the downers.

  • Got fired from my first feature: this was a major learning experience. The Producer still owes me over £600 for the days I worked. Never trust people who want you to work without giving you a contract.
  • I filmed too much stuff that I have not had the time to edit. I unfortunately still do not have the time to edit it, or the money to pay someone to edit it.
  • I picked up too many projects: I hit my limit towards the end of the year, and have been declining projects until I finish a few.
  • There are some people I will not be working with again or at least for a while.
  • Didn’t get to see enough movies. Am especially gutted for not supporting the Independent Film Industry enough by seeing Indie Films at the cinema.
  • I still haven’t worked out my work/life balance. I have had a few too many nights working till 8pm/9pm/10pm/11pm with the day job, due to short-staffing and over-work. I work long hours at the day job without a break, then do a dance class then a production meeting. The way I see it is I am building my careers.
  • I spent too much time on tumblr and not enough time exercising. Man I wish I kept up doing yoga or pilates every morning.
  • I ran late and took too long to do things too often.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014

  • Teaching my Practical Film Producing course in WI2014. Producing a short alongside the course.
  • Running Action On The Side (next edition in February)
  • Performing at Arabesque Nights: Thursday 03 July for Strictly Egyptian and Thursday 04 September for Rock The Casbah
  • Working on and finishing ‘All I Do Is Dream
  • Submitting my films into Film Festivals – thereby increasing my IMDb page
  • Attending a large film market
  • More workshops, more dance, more film, more friends, more travel!

Wishing you the best for 2014!


Nasmat London Debut

Announcing my London Bellydance Debut

Sunday 17 February 2013 sees the London debut of bellydancer Nasmat (aka ME!)

Tickets are on sale now for the Arab Quarterly event at the Hoxton Hall. Tickets are £18 each, and are available for purchase from the Hoxton Hall website

The Arab Quarter at Hoxton Hall

The Arab Quarter

Sunday 17 February 2013 at 7.30pm, Hoxton Hall,
130 Hoxton Street, London N1 6SH

Doors open at 7.00pm

The Arab Quarter at Hoxton Hall is set to move hearts and send minds racing with its punchy, dramatic and eloquent narration taken from Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz. Palace Walk is part of The Cairo Trilogy, and the epic master piece of the Nobel Prize-winning writer. As yet Naguib Mahfouz is the only Arab writer to win this prestigious literary award. Scenes rich in atmosphere and cultural significance will fill Hoxton Hall and create a special magic. Around these passages will be enthralling and highly authentic Arabian musical and dance entertainment provided by members of The Arab Quarter Band and a host of fine oriental dancers, colourfully costumed and interpreting Arabian music of immense soul and beauty.


Photos from Azphodel feat. Nasmat gig

Photos from ‘Azphodel featuring Nasmat’ at Mighty Mighty, 09 November 2011.

Thanks to Olex from Lenscraft Photography, we have some photos from last night’s gig at Mighty Mighty.

Azphodel feat. Nasmat
Wednesday 09 November 2011

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Zills and muffles – links for my Bellydance Students.

Both Bellydance classes that I teach have been learning to play Finger Cymbals, known as Zills in Turkish or Sagat in Arabic. I am currently working on a Zill Drills teaching resource for my students. This is in addition to the Middle Eastern Rhythms worksheet that we have been going through.

For my students, we discussed Zill Mufflers for practice in class. Here are some links to information on Zill Mufflers, including links to patterns for crotcheted Zill Mufflers.

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Azphodel feat. Nasmat

Wednesday 9 November at Mighty Mighty

I am performing next Wednesday night with Azphodel at Mighty Mighty

The gig is Free Entry.

Turkish Electronique and Bellydance
Music by Azphodel

Acoustic and electronic musician Zane Lazos created the electro-acoustic fusion musical project Azphodel in 2007.  Following a second round of lessons in Istanbul with master tanbur and yaylı tanbur performer and educator Sadun Aksüt, Zane aims to fuse his disparate influences (classical percussion training,  bass guitar, and world music studies).  Some of the instruments utilized in the music include: Yaylı tanbur (yai-luh tan-bur); the long-necked bowed lute that is derived from the older plucked Ottoman art music instrument called tanbur or tambur. The mey; a Turkish folk oboe with a large cane reed. The def or daf (in Turkish parlance: Arbani def); a frame drum with distinctive metal bangles and evocative tone.
Bellydance by Nasmat

Nasmat has been performing Bellydance in Wellington for over 10 years. She performs Raqs Sharqi and Orientale in Cabaret style.



Bellydance Classes – Kelburn

The next block of Bellydance Classes in Kelburn start this week.

The next round of Bellydance classes in Kelburn starts on Wednesday 24 August.

The class will be catered to the level that students are at. Beginners are welcome.

This 6 week block will be introducing Middle Eastern Rhythms, improvisation, isolations and layering. For Intermediate/Advanced students, we will be working on solo techniques and introducing floorwork.

More details below…

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Films and Study and Hafla

Okay, anyone who doesn’t see me over the next two months, this is why.

As well as writing up my blog posts from the last week of the film festival, here’s what I’m up to.

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NEW Beginner’s Bellydance Classes – KELBURN

I am very pleased to announce that I will be teaching a Beginner’s Bellydance class at the Victoria University Rec Centre in trimester 2.

You do not need to be a current student or member of the Rec Centre to take part in these classes.

Classes will be held Wednesdays, 4-5pm. The first 6 week block starts on Weds 13 July and runs to Weds 17 August.

No experience is necessary. All are welcome.

Costs are $10 per class, or $54 for all 6 classes, paid at the first class. CDs with music from the class will be available for $5.

There is a Facebook invite here, with further details. If you are unable to RSVP on the event page, please contact me to let me know if you are coming.

On another dance related note, I am currently arranging a hafla for the Sirroco Middle Eastern Dancers. The hafla is a wonderful opportunity for our Advanced and Beginners Classes to perform. I hope to have a venue confirmed soon, and we are looking at a date in late August. The hafla will include performances from other local dance groups (who will be announced once they are 100% confirmed). Current students, friends, and family will be invited to the event.

Race Unity Day 2011

I’ll be performing with the Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers this Saturday 19 March at Race Unity Day.

Hi all,

I am performing with the Sirocco Middle Eastern Dancers at Race Unity Day this Saturday 19 March. 

Our set includes Spanish-Bellydance fusion, with a Spanish Gypsy Dance, a Spanish fusion dance called ‘Amayaguena’, and then a drum dance called ‘Tammerhenna’.

Come along to the Horticultural Hall in the Lower Hutt Civic Centre to take part in the Race Unity Festivities, 11am-3pm. We’ll be performing at 1pm. There are music and dance performances, stalls and food from all over the world.

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A crazy week = a sign of things to come?

The computer is still dead, films is happening, a film course starts today, The Seductobot, Summer Shakespeare, and more.

I got my computer back from the service centre. On Saturday, after a morning of cleaning and before heading out to Summer Shakespeare, I pulled out the computer, set it up, and turned it on.

It’s not fixed.

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