A crazy week = a sign of things to come?

I got my computer back from the service centre. On Saturday, after a morning of cleaning and before heading out to Summer Shakespeare, I pulled out the computer, set it up, and turned it on.

It’s not fixed.

Let’s just say that that added to my stress levels a bit too much. It doesn’t help that I’m struggling to find the time to get it back to the service centre, that I have work that has to be done (including a new DVD of Harmless to get to a film festival, which I can’t burn until the computer is fixed), and important emails that I had to drive into work to see and respond to. Suffice to say I’m not happy about the situation.

After checking my emails and FB at work, I went to ‘The Winter’s Tale’, this year’s Victoria University Summer Shakespeare, at the Soundshell in the Botanic Gardens with Gregor and Amy. Would you believe it was my first time at Summer Shakespeare? It was a lovely evening out. Fortunately the drizzle was light, rather than a downpour. Characters walked through and interacted with the audience. I enjoyed the performance. It was the final show, so I’m sure those involved had a good party afterwards.

Sunday was spent watching movies. I invited friends over to join me for ‘Judgement At Nuremburg’. Alex had used it as an example of lighting and (constant) camera movement. I think each time I have a 3 hour film to watch, I’ll invite people over. It makes it more of an event. Sunday I also watched ‘Modern Times’ (Chaplin being a genius, and earning his money, especially with the roller skating scene), and, to make it a holocaust day, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’.

Monday I filmed the dress rehearsal for ‘The Seductobot’. Rose has written a play to be proud of, and I can recommend seeing it just for the songs themselves. I’m going to have to practice focus pulling all evening though: all of the actors are on changing parallels so I can’t have a set focal point, and I don’t have the time to zoom in, focus, and zoom out again.

Tonight is the first class for the shooting on 16mm class that I’m doing. It sounds like it’s going to be a class reunion of sorts; at least 3 of us from Production last year are doing it.

Both The Lake and The Bonsai Tree are casting and interviewing crew; finding time for that is proving fun.

Dance classes have started for the year. I’m teaching the Beginner’s Dance Class a drum dance to Mokhtar Al Said’s Tabla Solo 2. The advanced class has a dance performance coming up on Saturday 19 March at Race Unity Day, so we’re busy practicing for that.

Also, it’s busy at work this week and next.

I’m sure things will calm down once the Fringe Festival is over and work has quietened down. But, if this is a sign of how the year is going to pan out, I’m in trouble.

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