The computer verdict

I’ve been contacted by the service centre about my computer. First I got a message saying that it froze on them, but then they restarted it and they could not replicate the problem. Then I called them and was told (paraphrasing):

We cannot replicate the issue. We don’t know what’s wrong with it. It could be the Logic Board or the Graphics Card. We can order them in, but you’ll have to pay for them. The Logic Board costs $1483+gst. The Graphics Card costs $809+gst. And they’d charge me for a half-hour to install and test. The Graphics Card would be better because they can return it if that’s not the issue. Because it’s no longer under warranty, and considering the cost, it might be cheaper to just get a new computer.

Of course, paying for a Logic Board or Graphics Card may just be a waste of money, because they’ve already said they don’t know if that’s what the issue is.

I have a few issues with this, and would appreciate comment.

  1. The company where the service centre is is also the authorised Mac seller. They’re probably expecting me to buy a replacement computer off them (ha! I’d buy it online if I did).
  2. The computer is only 2.5 years old. What sort of freaking computer doesn’t last for 3 years?! Is this one of those situations where something isn’t built to last so you’re forced to buy a new one regularly?
  3. I didn’t buy the extended warranty because the computer is covered under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If it’s broken because of a manufacturing fault, it would be replaced or fixed for free (which is why extended guarantees are bollocks). But I don’t know if it’s a manufacturing fault or not. And I don’t want to start thinking ‘if only I’d paid that extra $500 back in 2008’, because extended warranties still are bollocks (Consumer Guarantees trumps all in NZ).
  4. I NEEEED my computer. I’ve got a backlog of film work that I have to do. So I’m under stress, which may force me to make a rash decision.
  5. I don’t even know if I should be getting a second opinion.
  6. This sort of thing isn’t covered by insurance, is it? Just checking.
  7. Any accounting friends want to help me work out if replacing my computer for film work purposes can be accounted for in my tax return? (I’m not good at taxes)
  8. It’s going to cost me a couple or few thousand to replace the computer. Which is going to make visiting the bf in the UK in June as well as moving to the UK in November difficult financially.
  9. That said, moving to the UK with a 21” desktop wouldn’t be as easy as with a laptop. Perhaps this is my opportunity to get a MacBook.
  10. But then, can a MacBook match a Mac for gruntiness for video and audio editing? I don’t think it would. Mind you, I do have an external hard drive. I suppose that could work.


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