Azphodel feat. Nasmat

I am performing next Wednesday night with Azphodel at Mighty Mighty

The gig is Free Entry.

Turkish Electronique and Bellydance
Music by Azphodel

Acoustic and electronic musician Zane Lazos created the electro-acoustic fusion musical project Azphodel in 2007.  Following a second round of lessons in Istanbul with master tanbur and yaylı tanbur performer and educator Sadun Aksüt, Zane aims to fuse his disparate influences (classical percussion training,  bass guitar, and world music studies).  Some of the instruments utilized in the music include: Yaylı tanbur (yai-luh tan-bur); the long-necked bowed lute that is derived from the older plucked Ottoman art music instrument called tanbur or tambur. The mey; a Turkish folk oboe with a large cane reed. The def or daf (in Turkish parlance: Arbani def); a frame drum with distinctive metal bangles and evocative tone.
Bellydance by Nasmat

Nasmat has been performing Bellydance in Wellington for over 10 years. She performs Raqs Sharqi and Orientale in Cabaret style.



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