New Business of Content Panel Discussion

I went to the New Business of Content Panel Discussion that Film Wellington organised at the Film Archive last week. It was for movers and shakers in the screen industry to get together and ‘explore the relationship between corporations and local content producers and the potential opportunities of such relationships.’

I’m not a mover or shaker (…yet). I was there for interest really. And the networking. The interesting parts were discussing how many applications for funding corporations receive, and how to cater applications to the company (although it was how to tell the company how they can make money off sponsoring you. For short films? Um…?); research on how people are viewing things now (watching a show whilst surfing the web, so catering content and having information online); and sustainability in the industry so people can get paid. I found it really inspiring and useful that the industry is addressing such issues. My FB status when I got back was ‘went to a Film Wellington seminar at the Film Archive on Corporate Funding for the screen. Am a little wiser on asking for funding for short films… but not much.’ Which is fine; the panel discussion wasn’t a ‘here are the answers’ (because, well, there aren’t any), but it was for opening conversations. Thank you to Nicci at Film Wellington for organising it; it was really useful, and I hope that you organise more.

On another note, I can’t say it enough, it is one of the wonderful things about being a filmmaker/film student in Wellington, and even in New Zealand, that one can meet the movers and shakers quite easily. There’s a really great community for filmmakers and screen artists, and people are so supportive and open.

And one of the guys from The Arts Foundation told us about Boosted. The Arts Foundation are creating a crowdfunding system for the Arts in NZ. Check it out.


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