NZFF Day 12

Tuesday 09 August

Homegrown: Flights of Fantasy

I made notes. I wrote down which films were played and which I enjoyed and other thoughts. But then, I can’t remember where I put that paper, so here’s what I thought on some of the films.


NZ 2010. Director/Producer: Maria-Elena Doyle. 8 mins
Inspired by Hone Tuwhare’s poem ‘No Ordinary Sun’, this film draws on live-action dance, compositing and 3D animation. Some amazing visuals.


UK/NZ 2011. Director: Kirk Henry Producer: Lydia Russell. 7 mins
Really good, 4.5 out of 5. I was watching it wondering how it was related to NZ. The NZFF website says:

NZ film director Kirk Hendry is based in London. Produced at the London animation studio th1ng with support from the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund, Junk pushes the silhouette film – one of the oldest film forms – to new heights of drama and realism using the latest technology while still retaining a handmade charm. Nominated for Best Short Film at the British Animation Awards.


Last Flight
NZ 2010. Director: Damon Keen. 15 mins
“A lone astronaut, 200 million kilometres from home, her base destroyed and her oxygen dwindling, begins a perilous trek across the windswept deserts of Mars.” Time counts down, and you’re not sure whether the character is going to survive. Well done. 3.75 out of 5

Huhu Attack!
Director: Patrick Gillies

I’d say the best of the selection. A musical comedy set in the 50s. Giant huhu grubs run wild, holding small town NZ hostage and eating the locals. 4.5 out of 5


By the way, from writing about these short films a few weeks after seeing them, I’ve decided that trailers for short films on YouTube are great. It means I can put the trailer in my blog post, and can be reminded of the film.

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