NZFF Day 15

Melancholia. *shakes head*

My most looked forward to film of the festival. Oh yes, it’s Melancholia.

Thursday 11 August


Okay, I’m biased. I like Lars Von Trier’s films. I haven’t seen most of them, but I intend to. I mean, the man bought me one of my favourite films of all time, Dogville. When I watched Antichrist, I decided, whilst beautifully shot, I would not watch it again (and I love horror films, I like gorno, I love being challenged and shown disturbing stuff in the cinema). I couldn’t work out whether Antichrist was pro-misogyny, anti-misogyny, or just presenting misogyny (actually, it definitely wasn’t anti-misogyny). With that in mind, I was hoping that Melancholia would be more Dogville than Antichrist.

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NZFF Day 12

A selection of NZ short films: ‘Huhu Attack’, ‘Last Flight’, ‘Junk’, ‘Meniscus’

Tuesday 09 August

Homegrown: Flights of Fantasy

I made notes. I wrote down which films were played and which I enjoyed and other thoughts. But then, I can’t remember where I put that paper, so here’s what I thought on some of the films.

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NZFF Day 11


Cover of "Metropolis (Restored Authorized...
Cover via Amazon

Monday 08 August


The film was better than I remembered; it was amazing seeing it on the big screen. This restoration print included never seen before footage, found in Buenos Aires. The soundtrack was the original from 1927. Hey, that’s what I’m interested in. The soundtrack included references to La Marseillaise and Symphonie Fantastique (I wonder how the 1984 re-release soundtrack would have worked. Y’know, with Queen, Pat Benatar, and Bonnie Tyler. Ha!).

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NZFF Day 10

‘Ebony Society’, ‘The Kid With A Bike’, and ‘Cria Cuervos’

Sunday 07 August

The Kid With A Bike

Cyril tries to get hold of his father; his father has his bicycle. The janitor says his father moved out a month earlier. Cyril escapes the boys home where he has been left, to go to his apartment. He is found by the caregivers, who show him the empty apartment. Neither bicycle nor father are to be found. His father sold the bicycle. And thus begins the film about Cyril, the abandoned child. A woman, Samantha (Cécile de France), comes to his aid.

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NZFF Day 9

‘Project Nim’ and ‘HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’

Saturday 07 August

Project Nim

The first time I heard about Project Nim was a write up in August’s Empire Magazine on Planet Of The Apes. There was a section called ‘The Other Ape Movie’, about Project Nim. Since seeing the film, I spoke to an audience member who saw Rise of Planets of the Apes and then Project Nim, and found the doco scary in contrast.

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NZFF Day 8

‘Aita’, ‘Tomboy’, ‘The Trip’, ‘I Saw The Devil’

Day 8 of the New Zealand International Film Festival, Wellington

Friday 05 August


Ah, slow cinema. Sometimes I love you. The artiness, the joy in just showing life as it unfolds. The pretentiousness. Hang on, scratch that last part; that’s not what I enjoy.

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NZFF Day 7

‘Submarine’ and ‘Blue’

Days Seven of the New Zealand International Film Festival 2011 (Wellington)

Thursday 04 August


Absolutely Brilliant! Oliver Tate, Welsh teenager, has his first relationship and copes with the idea that his parent’s marriage may break up.

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Picks of the NZ International Film Festival so far

Recommendations for the Film Fest from what the ushers have seen.

One of the wonderful things about being a Film Festival Volunteer usher is that you get to see a whole lot of films. Some of the ushers have taken time off work, and are seeing 4 or 5 films a day. My 11 films so far (in under a week) is paltry compared to some. Anyway, because we ushers are seeing so many films, we get to recommend what films are worth seeing. So here are a few films to keep an eye on*:

And Films I’ve yet to see, but I’m majorly looking forward to…

Check out other recommendations  on the 3 News site and on Andy’s Film Blog. I’ll do another one of these lists in a week or so, when we’ve all seen more films.

Which films have you seen? Which would you recommend?

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NZFF Day 4

‘My Joy’. Is definitely not.

My Love

Wait, so, what? What does the opening have to do with the rest of the film? What does the kid have to do with the rest of the film? Was the kid the mute? Was the mute the same mute? WHAT? How much longer do I have to watch this film?

Coming home, I watched the trailer (above). Yeah, the one that explains a bit of what’s going on. Georgy is on a journey… he gets stuck in a town… they don’t like outsiders… there are flashbacks to just after WWII… yeah.

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