NZFF Day 9

Saturday 07 August

Project Nim

The first time I heard about Project Nim was a write up in August’s Empire Magazine on Planet Of The Apes. There was a section called ‘The Other Ape Movie’, about Project Nim. Since seeing the film, I spoke to an audience member who saw Rise of Planets of the Apes and then Project Nim, and found the doco scary in contrast.

A team of people tried to teach a chimpanzee called Nim to ‘speak’ by using sign language. It builds Nim’s story from being ripped from his mother to living in a family in the 70s, to being looked after by scientists, to after the scientists had finished with him. The doco is well-made and very interesting. I’d recommend it to linguists, animal rights activists, evolutionists, or anyone interested in documentaries. 3.8 out of 5.

Hobo With A Shotgun

Bahahahaha! A 70s/80s Grindhouse Parody! Starring Rutger Hauer. F*$K Yeah! 5 out of 5. Loved it! Perfect for a 24 hour movie marathon.

Plus some tentacled thing – that is never explained and never appears again – killed Jesus. And the Easter Bunny. 🙂

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