Picks of the NZ International Film Festival so far

One of the wonderful things about being a Film Festival Volunteer usher is that you get to see a whole lot of films. Some of the ushers have taken time off work, and are seeing 4 or 5 films a day. My 11 films so far (in under a week) is paltry compared to some. Anyway, because we ushers are seeing so many films, we get to recommend what films are worth seeing. So here are a few films to keep an eye on*:

And Films I’ve yet to see, but I’m majorly looking forward to…

Check out other recommendations  on the 3 News site and on Andy’s Film Blog. I’ll do another one of these lists in a week or so, when we’ve all seen more films.

Which films have you seen? Which would you recommend?

*If you’ve missed them at the Festival, they might come back, so you can see them in the cinema. Or you could rent them from fatso or Aro Video when (if) they come out.

**Note ‘Tree Of Life’ is very polarising: either you’ll love it or loathe it. If you haven’t heard of Terence Malick, or don’t like slow or confusing films, then you might want to avoid it. Or see it. But don’t complain if you didn’t get it.

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