HARMLESS is now online

The short that I made for Film Production last year, ‘Harmless’, is now online.

I’ve heard back from the last Film Festival that I entered. And I am proud to announce that Harmless is now online and is able to be viewed.

Film study, screenings, watchings

Scriptwriting, Film Production, Film Festivals … just film in general.

Big. news.

I’ve been accepted into the Honours scriptwriting course at Victoria in 2011.


Fortunately, I had an idea for a feature length Western just the other day, which I’m going to start jotting down. I also have a few shorts and a biopic that I want to work on. That’ll keep me good and busy for the next year.

More news below…

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Help wanted – send stuff for me?

So I’m flat out. Anyone keen to help me send DVDs off to film festivals?

So, I’m flat out with work, sound for [SIC], and a few other things (damn Christmas). I’m struggling to get DVDs of Harmless sorted and to the post shop to send off for the film festivals I’m entering. I’m probably missing deadlines as I type this. Gah!

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Harmless on IMDB

Harmless has an IMDB page!

Harmless has an IMDB page! Weehoo! You can find it online here.

If you’ve seen the film, please go on and write a review.

I’ve started updating the page. So I think I’ll be getting a personal IMDB page, as will key cast and crew. Yay!

Harmless (c) 2010

Goings On

Multiple things happening at the moment – lovely and stressful.

I’m working on a few things at the moment – yay stress! I also have a few upcoming events.

  1. MASC gig – Wednesday December 1
  2. The Lake Fundraising Film Screening
  3. Preparing Harmless for entering into Film Festivals, and doing the DVD for cast/crew
  4. Rewriting a feature script into script format.
  5. Dance performance – Saturday 27th 10.45am – Hillary Court, Naenae
  6. 10 year college reunion

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Short Filmmaking Seminar

On Monday 15 November, I attended a seminar on making short films, as part of the Show Me Shorts Film Festival. The Bergman Theatre at Paramount was packed with filmmakers after tips, and perhaps plebs wanting to know more about filmmaking. The event was hosted by StarNow.com.

Three filmmakers who have shorts screening in the festival were interviewed. The filmmakers were Paul Stanley-Ward, writer of Choice Night; Michelle Savill, writer/director/producer of Betty Banned Sweets; and Paul Campion, writer/director of Eel Girl (official website here) (IMDB page here). We got to see the films, and ask the filmmakers questions.

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