Help wanted – send stuff for me?

So, I’m flat out with work, sound for [SIC], and a few other things (damn Christmas). I’m struggling to get DVDs of Harmless sorted and to the post shop to send off for the film festivals I’m entering. I’m probably missing deadlines as I type this. Gah!

Is there anyone in Wellington who would be interested in helping me out? It would involve getting DVD cases for me (I’d give you the money to do so); burning the DVDs (if you can design an awesome Harmless cover and print it onto the DVDs that would be cool too); getting a cover in the cases (which I can provide); and going to the post shop and sending them for me (I’d give you money to cover postage).

Seriously, this is how busy I am. I can’t get out of work to get to the post office.

There’s no additional pay for this, but I’d buy you coffee! At least a few cups.

It may involve using my computer in Newlands to burn the DVDs.

Also, I need to know you already.


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