One week to shooting The Lake

Shooting in a week! Can’t do Script Frenzy! Too busy!

Script Frenzy has taken a major back burner as we’re in heavy preproduction for The Lake. The shoot dates are Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 April, with a pick-up/ADR day to be confirmed. It’s been crazy trying to confirm final crew roles. I’ve given myself a few hours today to finalise equipment bookings, sort out the catering budget (25 people on set!), car pooling to and from sets, and assorted other stresses. We have two days of filming at The Lake, and one day of interiors. We’ve been busy working out a contingency plan in case it rains (which the Metservice suggested it will – weather, please don’t. TIA.)

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Day 11 of Script Frenzy

I find writing scripts at a cafe best, because then I don’t have the distraction of the internet.

I find that I write better when I’m in a cafe, away from internet access. It’s the best way to avoid emails and Facebook and just focus. So today I trotted to Blondinis after work, and spent a couple of hours typing.

Because I’m not working on one feature script, it’s harder to keep track of how many pages I’ve written. I finished one monologue today (4 pages), and started the feature.

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Film, study, and assorted things

Lots on at the moment. A breakdown (of what’s on. Not in me. Not just yet. I don’t have time to breakdown).

There aren’t enough hours in the day. I suppose to make my blog more interesting, I should have done more regular posts on each of the things below. I simply don’t have time. So this is what I’m working on now…

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Fringe shows

Friends of mine are involved with the 2011 Wellington Fringe Show – and I’m trying to help with promotion any way I can. Also, a few notes on Film, Dance, and an email issue.

Fringe (TV series)
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Fringe Festival

The 2011 Wellington Fringe Festival is coming up. That means masses of awesome shows, and not enough time to see them all. Aaaargh!

I’ve been booked to film one of the shows – The Seductobot – which my friend Rose has written/directed/produced/etc. I’m also going to be helping building the sets for Choose Your Own Fringe, which my friend George is co-producing and has co-written, and for which my friend Gemma is writing music.

I’ve just written blog posts on the MASC website about 5 shows that people I know are involved in. They are…

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Advertising for Crew

Two films that I am producing (The Lake and The Bonsai Tree) have placed crew calls; one has placed a casting call. Please read on for details.

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Hi all,

Two films that I am producing are currently advertising for crew, and one is advertising for cast. Please do feel free to share this information with any interested parties based in Wellington.

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Fundraiser: tonight

Reminder: Fundraising short film screening tonight at Happy.

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we’ve got a short film screening tonight at Happy (118 Tory Street), fundraising for The Lake.

Doors at 8pm; screening starts at 8.30pm. A fine selection of short films (and one music video).

All we ask is a $5 contribution towards The Lake.

Fundraising short screening
The Lake Fundraiser

For sale on the night – Trade Aid Chocolate – Fundraising for The Lake.

  • 50g block of dark chocolate – $5 ea.
  • 25g bar of dark or milk chocolate – $2.50 ea.

Goings On

Multiple things happening at the moment – lovely and stressful.

I’m working on a few things at the moment – yay stress! I also have a few upcoming events.

  1. MASC gig – Wednesday December 1
  2. The Lake Fundraising Film Screening
  3. Preparing Harmless for entering into Film Festivals, and doing the DVD for cast/crew
  4. Rewriting a feature script into script format.
  5. Dance performance – Saturday 27th 10.45am – Hillary Court, Naenae
  6. 10 year college reunion

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