Crew calls

I had a lovely weekend doing sound recording for a film called Mr Wilkins. I’m not sure what else I can say about the project, but can say I’ve enjoyed making the film.

This is a quick post to say that I’m incredibly busy at the moment, so apologies if you’re wanting to hear from me. I’m in heavy preproduction for two short films (Copper, directed by Jack O’Donnell, and A Party For Me, directed by Amy Brosnahan).

If you’re reading a Crew Call or Cast Call, what attracts you to a project? What dissuades you? Personally, I find poor spelling and grammar puts me off – if the crew call is in text speak, it does not bode well for the project. Does asking for enthusiastic team-players grind? Does the name of the Director or DOP help your decision? Does knowing whether you’re working with Film School graduates or the budget of the film actually help? What about asking for professional and experienced crew to work unpaid on a no-budget shoot? Or do people not look at crew calls anymore, preferring to work with filmmakers they know?

Day 13 of Script Frenzy

I’m spending today getting inspiration, listening to the Creative Screenwriting podcast whilst filing at work.

Cover of "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banz...
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I am catching up on old episodes of the Creative Screenwriting Podcast. I’ve just listened to a Q+A on Black Swan, and am currently listening to an interview with John Lithgow. He’s being interviewed after a screening of a film he was in, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Movie Marathoners – this looks like a film to get for the next one!

I really enjoy listening to the Creative Screenwriting podcast whilst doing something else (filing, doing dishes or other cleaning). It’s wonderful to hear from the writers of recent and favourite films. There are also some exciting tidbits. My favourite podcast so far is a performance of new monologues by Neil LaBute. (I’ve been trying to find a link to it, but can’t. It was a super special podcast. Perhaps it’s only available from iTunes?)

Now, I must admit to know following the work of many screenwriters, but after hearing LaBute’s work, I’m going to start following him. I was especially taken with a monologue that actress Amanda Peet performed. It made me think about monologues in a new way. How important the reveal is, and how multiple reveals can create the humour of the piece and also the tempo.

Unfortunately Jeff Goldsmith, the guy behind the Creative Screenwriting Podcast, is leaving. I’m not sure if that means that it will no longer exist, or whether someone else will take over. Here’s hoping the latter – the podcast is a wonderful resource. I’m just going to say here, thanks Jeff, I enjoy the show.

a few posts I have enjoyed…

A few links, and my thoughts on 2010 films.

NyMag’s 25 best performances of 2010 – and a list of films I have to see. Which reminds me: go see Mother. It’s beautiful, and I may or may not have cried. *cough*

NyMag’s history of the royal family as told through movies.

2010 Movies. YUSS! Please tell me this person does one of these every year…

Which reminds me: I know most people may say that Inception was their favourite film of 2010. Or Let Me In (see the original, people!). Or Kick-Ass or Scott Pilgrim. What was I saying? Oh yeah… For me, it was How To Train Your Dragon. Don’t judge me if you haven’t seen it.

Nymag (yes I looked at Vulture, hence all these posts) on how to make a pre-spoilt movie.


Xmas charts are decided THIS WEEK! Now is the time to buy JOHN CAGE’S 4’33” FOR CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE 2010 – for a silent night on December 25th, and for five worthy charities!

I just found out I can’t buy it on iTunes. Seeing as I’m not in the UK. Poos. So other people in the webiverse, please buy 4’33”. Ta.

Fundraiser: tonight

Reminder: Fundraising short film screening tonight at Happy.

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we’ve got a short film screening tonight at Happy (118 Tory Street), fundraising for The Lake.

Doors at 8pm; screening starts at 8.30pm. A fine selection of short films (and one music video).

All we ask is a $5 contribution towards The Lake.

Fundraising short screening
The Lake Fundraiser

For sale on the night – Trade Aid Chocolate – Fundraising for The Lake.

  • 50g block of dark chocolate – $5 ea.
  • 25g bar of dark or milk chocolate – $2.50 ea.

List of documentary films

At the documentary seminar I did with Leanne Pooley a couple of weeks ago, Leanne provided us with a list of documentaries that we should see. Here’s the list. How many have you seen?

At the documentary seminar I did with Leanne Pooley a couple of weeks ago, Leanne provided us with a list of documentaries that we should see. Of the list of 28, I had seen 1. Since then, I’ve seen 4.

Here’s the list. How many have you seen?

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