Movie Marathon Weekend

I just went to TWO movie marathons this weekend!

DVD cover of the Vengeance Trilogy
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The first, on Friday night, Amy screened the Vengeance trilogy by PARK Chan Wook. I and another person couldn’t make it until later, so they fortunately screened Oldboy first (which we had both already seen). I then got to see Sympathy for Mister Vengeance and then Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Then Dave had his annual 24-hour movie marathon, from 7pm Saturday to 7pm Sunday.

The films screened were:

1. Fiend Without A Face
2. Beat Street
3. Paper House
4. Frozen
5. Bloodsport
6. Shrooms
7. Bananas
8. 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
9. Over The Edge
10. Zombie
11. The Slumber Party Massacre
12. Common Law Cabin
13. Fangs aka Holy Wednesday
14. Robocop
15. Suspiria

I got there late, so arrived towards the start of Paper House. I had trouble staying awake during Bananas and 7th Voyage of Sinbad, so went home and napped; meaning I missed Over The Edge and Zombie.

I’m pretty sure I saw my first Dario Argento film (Suspiria) and my first Russ Meyer (Common Law Cabin).

For the first time ever, I guessed what one of the films was going to be before the marathon. One of the clues included Ski lift – which made me exclaim: “FROZEN! FROZEN! FROZEN Frozen Frozen! YAY!”. It’s a horror set on a ski lift. Awesome.

One of the themes that came up was horrifically injured legs. Three films in a row showed leg bone jutting out. There were other examples later on.

I’ve decided that Bananas has one of the best opening scenes in cinema (third behind Rubber and JCVD).

13 films total for the weekend. Sweet.

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