a few posts I have enjoyed…

A few links, and my thoughts on 2010 films.

NyMag’s 25 best performances of 2010 – and a list of films I have to see. Which reminds me: go see Mother. It’s beautiful, and I may or may not have cried. *cough*

NyMag’s history of the royal family as told through movies.

2010 Movies. YUSS! Please tell me this person does one of these every year…

Which reminds me: I know most people may say that Inception was their favourite film of 2010. Or Let Me In (see the original, people!). Or Kick-Ass or Scott Pilgrim. What was I saying? Oh yeah… For me, it was How To Train Your Dragon. Don’t judge me if you haven’t seen it.

Nymag (yes I looked at Vulture, hence all these posts) on how to make a pre-spoilt movie.


Xmas charts are decided THIS WEEK! Now is the time to buy JOHN CAGE’S 4’33” FOR CHRISTMAS NUMBER ONE 2010 – for a silent night on December 25th, and for five worthy charities! http://www.catm.co.uk/

I just found out I can’t buy it on iTunes. Seeing as I’m not in the UK. Poos. So other people in the webiverse, please buy 4’33”. Ta.