Day 13 of Script Frenzy

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I am catching up on old episodes of the Creative Screenwriting Podcast. I’ve just listened to a Q+A on Black Swan, and am currently listening to an interview with John Lithgow. He’s being interviewed after a screening of a film he was in, The Adventures of Buckaroo¬†Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Movie Marathoners – this looks like a film to get for the next one!

I really enjoy listening to the Creative Screenwriting podcast whilst doing something else (filing, doing dishes or other cleaning). It’s wonderful to hear from the writers of recent and favourite films. There are also some exciting tidbits. My favourite podcast so far is a performance of new monologues by Neil LaBute. (I’ve been trying to find a link to it, but can’t. It was a super special podcast. Perhaps it’s only available from iTunes?)

Now, I must admit to know following the work of many screenwriters, but after hearing LaBute’s work, I’m going to start following him. I was especially taken with a monologue that actress Amanda Peet¬†performed. It made me think about monologues in a new way. How important the reveal is, and how multiple reveals can create the humour of the piece and also the tempo.

Unfortunately Jeff Goldsmith, the guy behind the Creative Screenwriting Podcast, is leaving. I’m not sure if that means that it will no longer exist, or whether someone else will take over. Here’s hoping the latter – the podcast is a wonderful resource. I’m just going to say here, thanks Jeff, I enjoy the show.

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