Crew calls

I had a lovely weekend doing sound recording for a film called Mr Wilkins. I’m not sure what else I can say about the project, but can say I’ve enjoyed making the film.

This is a quick post to say that I’m incredibly busy at the moment, so apologies if you’re wanting to hear from me. I’m in heavy preproduction for two short films (Copper, directed by Jack O’Donnell, and A Party For Me, directed by Amy Brosnahan).

If you’re reading a Crew Call or Cast Call, what attracts you to a project? What dissuades you? Personally, I find poor spelling and grammar puts me off – if the crew call is in text speak, it does not bode well for the project. Does asking for enthusiastic team-players grind? Does the name of the Director or DOP help your decision? Does knowing whether you’re working with Film School graduates or the budget of the film actually help? What about asking for professional and experienced crew to work unpaid on a no-budget shoot? Or do people not look at crew calls anymore, preferring to work with filmmakers they know?

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