Day 11 of Script Frenzy

I find that I write better when I’m in a cafe, away from internet access. It’s the best way to avoid emails and Facebook and just focus. So today I trotted to Blondinis after work, and spent a couple of hours typing.

Because I’m not working on one feature script, it’s harder to keep track of how many pages I’ve written. I finished one monologue today (4 pages), and started the feature.

My plan is to write a few monologues or dialogues, in a basic setting, that can be easily filmed as showreel stuff later. Along the lines of this project that I shot last year, just with dialogue. (Please excuse the poor quality of YouTube).

I’ve got a location, most of the gear, and hopefully know enough people to get it to work. Clips will go onto my new Vimeo page, and I’ll post them here. The first one won’t be filmed until after ‘The Lake’ though.

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