Day Six of Script Frenzy

By day 6 of Script Frenzy, I’m meant to be up to 20 pages.

I had an assignment due for my Scriptwriting class. A 5-10 minute script. I did work on the short film that I had planned to write and hand in for this assignment. Whilst writing it, I realised that it’s at least a 15 minute film, so not ideal for the assignment. A few pages of new scenes were incorporated into Script Frenzy.

I had written the opening scene of a short film idea as part of Script Frenzy. I knew it could be a 5-10 minute film. So I wrote that. One 7-page script done. With the other short that I started, that puts me at about 13 pages.

Whether handing in a script for an Honours course that I hadn’t put a month’s work into was a good idea, I don’t know.

In class, we discussed what we learnt when writing the scripts. I (apparently) learnt that scripts have a timeframe: there’s a different feel in a 5 minute script to a 15 minute script. Others learnt about their writing technique: times of day that work best (night time, getting closer to the dream time; allocating time every day); location (at home or out and about); and finding time to reflect and think. One writer walks to a location, and, in the course of the walk, thinks about what she is going to write, and then writes it. Contemplation + uninterrupted writing = good writing.

I’m also battling being ill and having a few days off work.

Tonight is the First MASC gig of the year. Provided I stay awake, I’m looking forward to hearing 2 new bands (Blackjack and April Fish), and getting into the frame of mind for a short idea I had (based on a rock band). Also looking forward to hearing Rose Deschamps again.

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