Day Two of Script Frenzy

I can foresee that finding the time to write is going to be fun. Day 1 of Script Frenzy was plagued with sleep deprivation. It included work, a meeting with my research supervisor, a production meeting for the films I’m producing, and finally catching the bus to where my car usually is rather than where it actually was. Damn sleep deprivation. It then involved a walk along the Old Hutt Road, a bus ride, dinner, and then trying to write. One page down, and I fell asleep. I started a new film idea. Really the 1 page script could be just that, or it could extend into a thriller/horror.

The second day of Script Frenzy has involved procrastination in many forms, and working on my short film script. Thankfully doing Script Frenzy counts as work for my Uni Scriptwriting course. Does working on a script that one has already started count for Script Frenzy? I hope so.

I’ve also gotten into the vibe by listening to Creative Screenwriting podcasts whilst doing dishes. And I’ve been listening to music, which has gotten me onto a story idea involving a rock band. Really I should stop starting short films, and focus on the ones I have to write.

Day 2 of Script Frenzy. Really I should be getting to 6 pages by now. I’ve written 1. Hmmmm.

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