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There aren’t enough hours in the day. I suppose to make my blog more interesting, I should have done more regular posts on each of the things below. I simply don’t have time. So this is what I’m working on now…

Last week we had a dinner with the new members of the cast and crew of The Lake. At the moment we’re finalising schedules for the shoot and reworking the budget.

The Bonzai Tree shoot has been postponed. We’re finalising locations, and the script is being reworked.

I’m editing the fringe shows that I filmed – The Seductobot and Choose Your Own Fringe.

I’m about to go to a rehearsal for a show I’m helping with. It’s my friend Gregor’s Masters project, an intermedia play called ‘Saint Punch‘. I’m doing some Sound Design, and have been asked to be the Dramaturg.

I’ve been working on a short film script. It’s an idea that’s been around my head for a few years, and I’ll be using it for my first Scriptwriting assignment. Ideally I’d like to make the film before I head to the UK, but that means making it later this year, and I don’t know if I’ll have time.

I’m entering Script Frenzy this year, with the aim of writing 100 pages of script in the month of April. I’ll be working on my feature film script for my Scriptwriting course. It’s a Western; I’m pretty excited about it. I should spend the next week working on the structure, so I can just work on the script itself.

I’m working on my research project: I’m looking at Jack Body’s music for Vincent Ward’s film ‘Vigil’.

Minto, who has taken over running MASC for 2011, has arranged a gig on

Wednesday 06 April – 9pm at Happy. Performing are Blackjack (it’s their debut gig), Rose Deschamps, and April Fish.

I’m also rewriting a feature film script that is being shot in Wellington, and may doing a simple soundtrack to a friend’s portfolio.

The computer issues have been sorted: it involved getting used to having a laptop; investing in a new external hard drive (I filled a 1TB hard drive, can you believe it?) so I have enough space for video editing; realising that the laptop will only ever sometimes recognise the older external hard drive; and finding all my old iTunes file links and having to relink them.


Gotta go.


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