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Fringe Festival

The 2011 Wellington Fringe Festival is coming up. That means masses of awesome shows, and not enough time to see them all. Aaaargh!

I’ve been booked to film one of the shows – The Seductobot – which my friend Rose has written/directed/produced/etc. I’m also going to be helping building the sets for Choose Your Own Fringe, which my friend George is co-producing and has co-written, and for which my friend Gemma is writing music.

I’ve just written blog posts on the MASC website about 5 shows that people I know are involved in. They are…


More things on at the moment: I’m currently producing two short films: The Lake, and The Bonsai Tree. Today was our initial crew meeting for The Bonsai Tree. The Lake is shooting on weekdays in late March; The Bonsai Tree is shooting in weekends in early April. Both have advertised for crew. The Bonsai Tree has advertised for cast; The Lake is advertising for cast within the next few days. At the moment I’m rewriting part of the script for The Bonsai Tree.

I’m also arranging another workshop for our Director for The Lake to workshop 2 scenes with 2 actors. We’re looking for a male and a female volunteer to take part in a 2 hour workshop – both late 20s to early 40s – late next week.


The Beginner’s Belly Dance classes that I teach will run on Wednesday evenings, 7pm to 8pm, in Naenae. The first class for the year will be Wednesday 16 February. Classes are $9 p/hr. Please contact me to arrange joining our classes. Currently email (see below).


On another note, my personal email account is not receiving emails. I believe this is because I’ve migrated to Either way, if you email me and I do not respond, please forward your email to That will reach me.

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