My Mac has died!

[insert frustrated cry here!]

The mac has decided to not turn on. Two days ago, I went to turn it on. After 2 minutes, the screen turned to black and I couldn’t do anything. Twice. The next day I turned it on. Within 10 seconds, the screen turned to white, and I couldn’t do anything. Yesterday I turned it on. I didn’t even get to the desktop: the screen turned to black, and, again, I couldn’t do anything.

This is a bad time. I’ve got a script to rewrite urgently; I’ve got to work on my research project for a meeting with my superviser; and I can’t have any skype meetings. Grar! I finally finished the ‘Harmless’ DVDs for Cast and Crew, but can’t burn off more until the computer is fixed. I also am starting teaching dance classes this week, but can’t burn off the new CDs that I was working on until the computer is fixed. Oh yes, and a friend is writing music for FAWM, and asked if I could record some of the songs for her.

So, apologies to anyone who needs things from me urgently that I need my computer for. I probably can’t do it until I get it fixed or replaced.

I got the Mac from the Mac Store in 2008. I’ve got to work out whether to get it looked at by the Mac Store in Wellington, or return it to the web people to look at (does that mean shipping to China?). And I may have to look at insurance. GAH!

Oh yes, and this is in addition to my email account having issues, and not receiving emails.

In the meantime, I’ll be using the computer at work for personal things during my breaks. Hence, short posts. See ya.

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