Strange film opportunities

…The director thought that my role was to provide funds, and proceeded to hire cast and crew and source locations (without a script). He then got outraged that I would ask questions about the crewing (39 cast and crew? Who’s paying for that). He also thought that a gaffer is a sound recordist, that you need 4 camera people and did not understand what a DoP is, that he needed a 2nd and 3rd AD, and thought that I would be a 5th camera operator on set. Needless to say, the relationship has ended and I am no longer producing these films…

Now that I have a full-time job, it is harder to get film opportunities. I apply on StarNow, FilmCrewPro, and Mandy, but am limited to those shooting on weekends or evenings. I keep looking at Sound Recordist roles; but I can only apply for roles where I don’t need my own gear until I ship it from New Zealand or replace it.

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Costume Designer required for short film

Costume Designer urgently wanted for ‘Copper’

I’ve just placed a Crew Call for a Costume Designer on The Big Idea and StarNow.

Copper is the story of a deaf boy whose world is changed when he meets a Living Statue. This ten-minute short is the next film from film and theatre director Jack O’Donnell. Our aim is to create a striking visual film for submission to film festivals. The film is being shot in Wellington on 26-29 January.

The film is being done on a small budget. Unfortunately this means that we cannot pay crew (though we would love to). However we will be covering costs and will be providing catering on-set.

The Costume Designer will create the Living Statue costumes, and will be in charge of maintaining the visual aesthetic of the production in dressing the actors. The successful applicant will be able to work to a tight schedule and to budget in producing the costume; will be available for make-up/costume tests during the week of 14-20 January; will work with the Director, Director of Photography, Art Director, and Make-up Artist to create the visual look of the film.

New Year Film Projects

Three film projects.

I am currently working on three short film projects. In January, I’m doing the sound recording for ‘Mr Wilkins’, a short film written, directed, and produced by Maya Hammarsal. It is the one of the best produced films I have ever been involved in.

I am producing ‘Copper’, a short film directed by Jack O’Donnell, and am helping in pre-production for another short film (more details to come). Both films are low- to no-budget projects shooting in Wellington.

We are currently looking for crew. Flick me a message if you want to remind me that you’re crew and awesome.

Advertising for Crew

Two films that I am producing (The Lake and The Bonsai Tree) have placed crew calls; one has placed a casting call. Please read on for details.

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Hi all,

Two films that I am producing are currently advertising for crew, and one is advertising for cast. Please do feel free to share this information with any interested parties based in Wellington.

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