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I’m working on a few things at the moment – yay stress! I also have a few upcoming events.

  1. MASC gig – Wednesday December 1
  2. The Lake Fundraising Film Screening
  3. Preparing Harmless for entering into Film Festivals, and doing the DVD for cast/crew
  4. Rewriting a feature script into script format.
  5. Dance performance – Saturday 27th 10.45am – Hillary Court, Naenae
  6. 10 year college reunion

1. MASC gig

Wednesday 01 December.
8.30pm doors open.
$5 entry.

Featuring The Dickens, Piyush Misra, Lunesta, and The Novelist.

01 December 2011 at Happy
Poster designed by Jonathan King

I’ve got to get some more posters up and do some more e-advertising. The poster looks amazing, thanks to Jonathan from The Dickens. It’s an awesome line-up, if I do say so myself. I’m excited to finally have Piyush play a MASC gig; I’ll get to hear The Dickens in their new line-up (replacing the incomparable Simon Eastwood on bass); The Dickens and The Novelist are always fantastic – I’ll be dancing away at the door; I haven’t heard Lunesta yet, but they appear to have a good following, which is a sign of a good band. Note to self: three loud rock bands = remember the earplugs!

2. The Lake Fundraising Screening

Make The Lake
The Lake

We’ve got Happy booked for Tuesday 7 December, ready for a short film fundraising screening. We’re asking for a koha, which goes towards costs for making The Lake.

A call for films to screen has just been made on Facebook. I’m getting the release form for submissions ready. Now I’ve got to contact people I know and ask them if we can screen their film, and we’ve got to invite people to the screening.

3. Harmless

Harmless (c) 2010

I’ll be getting DVDs out to cast and crew soon. I’ve just been waiting on getting into the edit suite at Uni to fix something. I’m also trying to get in there to do NTSC Region 0 and assorted other versions of the film, so I can submit it into foreign film festivals.

I’ve also still got to type up a release form for some music in the film. *cough*

4. Feature Film

I had been approached by Richard through StarNow. He is making a feature film called Marsala Tea, shooting in Wellington in February. I’m retyping his script into script format. Depending on The Lake‘s schedule, I may be doing the sound recording for the film. Anyway, trying to find the time to retype the film into Celtx is proving fun.

5. Dance Performance

My dance classes finished for the year last night. We’ve got our dance performance on Saturday 27th, then our end-of-year dinner, then it’s a break until next year.

6. 10 year reunion

I think the 10 year reunion thing is an American concept. You see it in movies; people seeing people they haven’t seen in 10 years, being all competitive and trying to one-up everyone else. Many of the people I went to school with are still around Wellington, and I still see. Plus we’re facebook friends. It’ll be good to catch up with people face-to-face, rather than through a computer screen. Hi everyone!

Right, so if you’re reading this post, and you’re like, ‘what can I do to help, Patricia?’

  • GIG! Come to gig! Invite people to gig!
  • FILMS! Tell people to submit films!
  • FILM FUNDRAISER! Ask me to invite you to the fundraiser!
  • PERFORMANCE! Come to dance performance!

On another note, I’m listening to Skeeter’s mix from the 2011 V Vendetta Movie Marathon. *gush*. Yay for the opera singer from The Fifth Element.

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