Wednesday 24 Nov – gigs

Hi all. There are three awesome gigs on tomorrow night. I can’t make all of them. You should!

First, Tony Wilson will be playing in Kroon for your Kai at The Southern Cross (Abel Smith Street). Kicks off around 6.30pm.

Tony Wilson
Tony Wilson Live

Tony is amazing, if you haven’t heard him. I’ve got his album on my ipod, and each time a song I like comes up, I feel like messaging him a ‘well done’. If you can make it to the gig, afterwards, go and buy a copy of Tony’s album Time In Space.

Tony Wilson album
Time In Space

Kroon for your Kai is free – just rock on up to The Cross, grab a drink, sit and listen. He’s playing with Joe Simmons. I’ll be there, as we’ve got a meeting for The Lake just beforehand.

The second gig on is a fundraiser for 41 South Films . 41 South are a film production company, who are currently doing a project where 9 filmmakers make a short each, which is then released as a feature. A few of my friends are working on the project; get along to the gig to help them out with funding.

41 South fundraiser
Fundraiser 24 November

The gig is at Bar Bodega (Ghuznee Street) from 8.30pm (I reckon that means 9). Featuring performances from Afternoon Raj (who I still haven’t seen live yet – sorry James); The Lost Boys; and Mara Simpson (of Mara and the Bushkas). Hmmm … four for $20. Who wants to come with me? I’m still not sure that I can make it, but maybe someone can twist my rubber arm?

The third gig is presented by the VBC  – it’s a gig to raise awareness of the Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) Bill, and the detrimental effect it will have on student unions (like VUWSA), and how it will destroy such student services as the student radio station, the VBC, and the student magazine, Salient.

VBC Presents No to VSM
The ‘No to VSM’ gig
It’s a free show at the SFBH, featuring Glass Vaults, Jetsam Isles, Albert Mikoaj, and DJ Jon Lemmon.
Quite interestingly, the event has been advertised on . The comments below the article do point out that having a funded party isn’t necessarily the best look to change the opinions of those who support VSM. Maybe the VBC and VUWSA and NZUSA are preaching to the converted? I reckon the people they’re raising awareness with are both the converted aware students, and the apathetic students who don’t realise the effect this bill will have on them.
Right, so those are the shows. Perhaps I’ll see you there. Mind you, I’ve got a fair bit on at the moment, so maybe not. But I’ll be there in spirit, if not in actuality.

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