Hooray for Cubase

Cubase appears to be working for me. This is good. It’s not ProTools, but it’s Cubase working on my home computer. ProTools was on my PC which died recently.

I’m currently doing sound design for a short film – [SIC], directed by Jared Flitcroft. (I’m typing this on a 5 minute break from working on it). The 7 minute version of [SIC] is going to be entered into the Aotearoa Deaf Film Festival.

Aotearoa Deaf Film Festival 2011

There’s also a 17 minute version.

Now, you may be asking why I’m doing sound for a deaf film. It’s for the hearing audience. I’m still undecided as to whether it’s liberating or not that less than half of the audience will hear my work. Either way it’s a good opportunity.

I’ve got to do some foley for the film to finish the sound design. I unfortunately wasn’t on set for the entire shoot,  so I don’t have clean samples. So I need to find someone to wield a chainsaw while I record (or vice versa). Any takers?

I actually have a deadline to finish the 7 minute sound design by tomorrow (now today), but only recently (today/yesterday) got a copy of the 7 minute version. My Wednesday is therefore, again, going to be Cubase all day.

As an aside, if I have comparative thoughts on Cubase vs. ProTools, I’ll put them in another post.

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