Script Development Workshops

I think I got sick of not making movies, so I’ve given Action On The Side a kick up the rear!

I’ve scheduled two projects this year: June and October.

I’ve started running fortnightly script development workshops again. They’re running at the Curzon Soho bar* on Wednesdays, 18:30-20:30.

The next one is on 26th April.

Registrations are on the AOTS website. Participants need to sign up, so I can message them where we’re sitting, and if there are any last minute location changes***.

I’ve run two so far this year: The first, a tester, was with a friend. We went through pitch decks and how defining your audience and the look of the film can help develop the script. Last week, we workshopped an experimental film idea and found it can fit the narrative structure.

We even used a new form I’ve created to develop three short film ideas. Two of them are mine – so now I need to write those!

Outside of the script development sessions, I am working with a writer/producer to develop her holiday feature film, with the aim to make the film as one of the producers.

I finally have time to listen to screenwriting podcasts, as I do my daily commute: The Screenwriting Life, Scriptnotes, and On The Page.

I’m attending a weekly online script development group on Sunday mornings (when I can, of course). This is a group that was borne from the London Screenwriters Festival.

And I’m reading scripts. From people who want to work together, friends wanting feedback, submissions for the AOTS Short Screenplay Competition, submissions for the AOTS anthology feature (more on that in another post), and produced features.

So, London peeps, if you have a script or idea you want to develop, join me at the script development workshops.

*people who know me know the Curzon Soho is my go-to for meetings and working in town.**

**I used to run script development at the Curzon, but I felt conflicted charging a fee for a workshop in a public space. I did look at alternatives, but it all ended up too costly/too hard. I like the Curzon for meetings, and it’s usually quiet on a Wednesday.***

***Sometimes they have events on and close the bar area. So I can notify the participants who signed up where we have moved to.

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