Latest projects

I AD’d and PM’d a short film shoot at the end of January

I was PM (London) for a Finnish mayonnaise commercial. We shot in a beautiful location near Old Street, and I really enjoyed working with the Food Stylist (the plates looked amazing!)

I’m working with two others on a feature film pitch for a large funding round. That will be submitted soon.

The first AOTS short script competition is reaching its end, and I will be announcing the winning script and runners up over the next few days (once this feature pitch is done)

I’m watching shorts that have been submitted to the Ealing Film Festival 2022.

The short I’m producing (Me Too) was going to shoot in April, but now we’re making some changes to the script, sourcing two locations, then will set the shoot date, recast and crew up.

Also I have created a specific Busy Kiwi Productions email address to differentiate between my business and personal projects.

There are a few plates I am juggling — and I have a number of projects in various stages of development

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