Are you in the Wordle craze?

I love word games, puzzles, crosswords: all things of those ilk.

I have a friend who is also into these games, and we send each other our daily results.

Here are some links to bookmark if you, too, are into such games.

If you like Geography, there are Globle and Worldle.

wordle image

For your five-letter word challenges, there is the viral Wordle; doubled to Dordle; quadrupled to Quordle; and using bins to process out the incorrect word: Absurdle

Use Codeword Solver to help you with the five-letter words.

If you like History, there is Wikitrivia: put moments in history into order.

Puzzler logo

I also daily do the games on Puzzler (free account needed) and the Quick, Weekend, and Speedy Guardian Crosswords

Guardian Crosswords

I suppose if we’re talking games, I also like my card games, especially Patience (Solitaire). Baker’s Game, Spider Solitaire, Hearts, and Mahjong (especially the fish shape), all on 247 Games.

What games do you play?

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