CAMS Connect

I have just returned from the CAMS Connect Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. CAMS is the records management system that we use at my work.

St Louis, Missouri

This is the post that explains all of the #CAMSConnect tweets you may have seen coming up.

I managed to do a little bit of sightseeing on my first afternoon.

The Arch Pinocchio Walking Image, St Louis St Louis

CAMS Connect 2013

My focus for the conference was to look at Online Degree Audit, Online Registration, and Online Grade Submission, whilst networking with Registrars and IT Personnel from other schools. The conference was really good and extremely useful.

The Hult CIO giving his keynote address
Mobility and Innovation in Higher Education –
My colleague, Yousuf Khan, Hult CIO, giving his keynote address
Creating a CAMS Can Culture
Rebekah from Rochester College

2013-06-10 15.36.24

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