Moving house

I moved house recently.

All the way 15 minutes walk from where I used to live.

My new room needed furniture. So, for the first time ever, I went to Ikea.

Now, we don’t have Ikea in New Zealand. Apparently our market is too small to ever justify it. But I had heard of this magical place. So I went along, and live-tweeted my experience (I think for the first time ever).

I borrowed tools from a friend, took a day off work, and set to work setting up the pieces.

Bedside tables, check.
Bookshelf, check.
Drawers …

So, apparently Ikea recommends having a friend help you with furniture. Yeah right, I don’t have people sitting around when I’m free. And the other pieces went together alright.

So there I am, frame all set up. About to put a heavy lid on top. And … It slips.

And smashes through the frame.

You can’t do anything about it. It’s done, it’s a great big fat waste of money. A pile of useless, sitting there. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of space.

Gaffer tape didn’t work.
Wood glue didn’t work.

Nothing to do but out together what you can, sulk and mope for ages, and eventually give in and waste more money on a new piece.

Damn Ikea.

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