This Film Is A Dog

Stuff’s short film festival has one of my favourite NZ shorts playing today. Link here.

Just quickly, Stuff is having a NZ Short Film Festival, where you can see top quality New Zealand short films. Short Films rarely have a market, so this is a wonderful way for filmmakers to gain an audience and for the public to see where NZFC money is going.

Today’s short is ‘This Film Is A Dog’, which is one of my favourite NZ Short Films of all time.

Watch it here.

Victoria Kelly

My research has led me to a female composer whom I may have to research further.

Cover of "Under the Mountain"
Cover of Under the Mountain

Recently I watched Under The Mountain (dir. Jonathan King). Whilst watching it, I was thinking about my research topic, which has to do with orchestral music by NZ composers in NZ film.

As such, I’ve come across the work of Victoria Kelly, and have decided that it warrants further research. I’m currently listening to the Under The Mountain soundtrack, have discovered Victoria’s website, and her WordPress blog. I’m stoked to see that she composed for The Locals, Fracture, and my all time favourite (NZ) film, Out Of The Blue.

If you do listen to the soundtrack to Under The Mountain, there’s a piece called ‘Now You Run‘, which must have been very heavily influenced by the Jaws theme. Just saying.

Research Project confirmed

My research topic has been confirmed.

Dear Patricia,
I’m happy to inform you that we have accepted your “Sound on Film” proposal for your FILM 489 Research Project.
All best for your Honours studies.
I have my superviser confirmed. Now to begin my research into the use of orchestral music by New Zealand Composers in New Zealand Cinema, as representative of a national identity (…or something like that).