List of documentary films

At the documentary seminar I did with Leanne Pooley a couple of weeks ago, Leanne provided us with a list of documentaries that we should see. Of the list of 28, I had seen 1. Since then, I’ve seen 4.

Here’s the list. How many have you seen?

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MASC in 2011

So, I’ve been assessing my workload, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be running MASC in 2011.

It takes up a lot of my time. There are times when I love it (like when there are masses of people at a gig I’ve run, and I’ve met awesome people, and heard amazing music),

The crowd 01 Dec 10
The crowd at the latest gig

Cinema SoundEX 2009
A large audience

and times when I don’t (like when there isn’t an audience at a gig, and I’ve been too busy to advertise enough). Every year I think, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore’. Then I have an amazing experience, and think ‘I can’t not do this, it’s fantastic!’.

My 2011 is going to involve more study, part-time work, looking after the house, making films… and then there’s the stuff I don’t have time to do. I feel I don’t have enough time to put into following my own creative pursuits. I need more time for filmmaking and writing and playing music, dammit.

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Film Music: A Neglected Art

I just started reading Film Music: A Neglected Art (2nd edn) by Roy M. Prendergast. Part of the preface made me chuckle, so I thought I would spend the last 20 mins of my lunch break transcribing it so you can read it too.

The first edition was printed in 1977 by New York University (C). The second edition was printed in 1992 by Roy M. Prendergast (C). The preface has just explained the differences and improvements of the most recent edition.

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Benefit Screening For the Pike River Community

From the WIFT Newsletter.

We at WIFT, like the entire country, were saddened to hear abut the Pike River mine tragedy. So we wholeheartedly support the news that Gaylene Preston is holding a benefit screening next week, in aid of the Pike River community.

What: A benefit screening of Home By Christmas
When: Tuesday 7th December 6.30pm Where: Park Road Cinema, Park Road Post Productions, Miramar, 141 Park Road (by the California Garden Centre).
A convivial sip will be served beforehand from 6pm in the Park Road Post Cafeteria.
Recommended contribution: $50 per person.
You can pay by direct bank credit (ask for details when you RSVP), or by cash or cheque only at the door. No credit card facilities.
Strictly RSVP (as seats are limited) to the1(at)

Gaylene says “The tragic events of the last week have highlighted that special spirit of simplicity and fortitude that still shines forth from the West Coast community. This is a special fundraiser to celebrate that spirit. I hope you can come.”

Wellingtonista Awards

I just voted in the Wellingtonista Awards. The only vote I was 100% definite on was voting the International Film Festival as the best event.

And I’m about to add them to my blog roll… done.

The Wellingtonista Awards are on Friday night at Mighty Mighty (FB event here). The awards start at 7pm (doors at 6.30pm), and my friend Dan Untitled is playing, on around 8.30pm.

This week

I’m just putting these links here so I can read them later.

Empire UK: The Importance of trains in movies and Empire UK: Become a Spy Thriller expert in 10 movies.

This week is flat out. I’ve missed a screenwriting seminar tonight – that I wanted to go to – just from being too exhausted, and being busy with assorted admin things. MASC email newsletter, here I come…
Tuesday night I’m going to see Matariki.
Wednesday night I’m running the MASC gig at Happy.
Thursday night I’m attending our end-of-year dance dinner.
Friday night – I think I’m free? I have a skype date.
Saturday night is dinner with friends, and then a 24 hour movie marathon at a friend’s place, through until Sunday.

Then next week, it’s busy as well.

Goings On

I’m working on a few things at the moment – yay stress! I also have a few upcoming events.

  1. MASC gig – Wednesday December 1
  2. The Lake Fundraising Film Screening
  3. Preparing Harmless for entering into Film Festivals, and doing the DVD for cast/crew
  4. Rewriting a feature script into script format.
  5. Dance performance – Saturday 27th 10.45am – Hillary Court, Naenae
  6. 10 year college reunion

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