Achieving my New Year’s Resolution by selling tents

My New Years Resolution for 2011 is to have less stuff in the house. Saturday 8th was spent setting up a spare tent that I have, and taking photos so I can sell it. Meanwhile I had hired a friend of mine to do yardwork for me, and my flatmate was helping out. So whilst I was laying out tent poles and trying to work out what went where, whilst my garden was getting weeded and trees were being pruned.

My mother had bought a conical pup tent for me in the late 90s for my Guiding camps. I didn’t really use it. There were always other tents. She put it in an emergency kit that she set up, and there it stayed. My sister bought a new tent, that is way easier to set up, and which I inherited when she moved to Australia. So I didn’t need the old tent. And I’ve set up my own emergency kit, so I decided to combine the two.

The plan: set up the tent. Take photos. Upload to TradeMe.

I found it was harder than I remembered. So I updated my Facebook as I went, and created an album, so my friends could make suggestions if I asked for help.

Here’s how my FB went on Saturday.

08 January at 11:35
trying to put up a tent that I haven’t put up in over 10 years. And I can’t remember how it works.

08 January at 11:40
ah, turns out I have TWO spare tents. I’m going to try to set up both. Anyone who wants to come round and help, feel free.

08 January at 12:06
okay, tent 1, (the one I have vague recollection of setting up; the conical one) is a Fairydown Grasshopper … tent 2, I don’t remember ever seeing before…

08 January at 12:09
and I can’t find instructions on google.

08 January at 12:54
Tent 2 is up. It’s a 2 person tent. One down, one to go…

08 January at 13:50
so [my flatmate]’s BF, who knows about tents, is coming around later today. Must. master. tent. before. then.

08 January at 14:07
[flatmate] and [friend] are doing a Sallies run. They’re taking things away. Good, yes?

08 January at 18:13
Two tents up – photos online.



So, yes. Part way through setting up the tent, I realised that there was a second tent. One that I had never seen before.

And there are still poles that I have absolutely no idea how they’re used. Tent 1, the pup tent, only needed 2 poles, but came with 6.

Both tents are listed on TradeMe. One has already reached its reserve. So my resolution of having less stuff is achieved.  Yay me!

Tent 2
Tent 1, without the fly
Tent 1, with fly

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