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I had my first class for the 16mm film course that I am doing with Alex Funke and Paul Wolffram. The classes are weekly until early-May, and also involve a weekend shoot in late April. During the course of the … course … we’ll be making a short film. Each of us will be camera operator/director for a scene. Some of us also have roles for the shoot. I’m HOD Sound, which I’m pretty stoked about.

We’re shooting on an Eclair NPR, an Arriflex SR2, and a Bell and Howell Filmo.

I know and have worked with about 1/2 of the group. One of them is Andy, who has blogged about the first class on his blog, Rockets & Robots Are Go. A few of my coursemates were in Production with me last year. But the coolest thing is learning from Alex again. He’s awesome – if you ever get the chance to learn from him or work with him, jump at it.

For the short that we’re doing, we’re looking for two lead actors. Wayne, the new Security Guard at the University (25-35), and The Old Man, the older and more worn the better. The roles are advertised on StarNow, with all of Paul’s details. Please forward the ad to whomever may be interested. We’re hoping to confirm actors by the next class.

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    1. Maybe if this course goes well, he’ll teach it again next year. Or something equally awesome. He’s teaching the 400-level Production course again this year.
      If he does offer another course, I’ll try to blog about it here. Otherwise you could sign up to the Victoria University RSS (www.victoria.ac.nz) or the Continuing Education newsletter (http://www.victoria.ac.nz/CCEShortcourses/) to be notified if the Film Department runs any other short courses.
      I can’t wait. We’re starting shooting in 2 weeks. Man oh man it’s going to be good.

      1. Sweet!

        I’ll keep an eye out, but it’s difficult to say if I will be able to get back to NZ next year. Currently back in Singapore working as an associate producer, and projects keep coming in crazy.

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